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Astilbe - Chinensis Heart and Soul

    Astilbe - Chinensis Heart and Soul


    Astilbe chinensis 'Heart and Soul' is a stunning perennial plant that belongs to the Saxifragaceae family. This variety of astilbe is known for its beautiful pink flowers that bloom from late spring to early summer, with each individual flower reaching up to 18 inches in height. The blooms have a plume-like appearance and are arranged on tall stems that rise above the foliage, making them a striking focal point in any garden.

    The foliage of 'Heart and Soul' is also noteworthy, with dark green leaves that are deeply lobed and have a fern-like appearance. The foliage is semi-evergreen and remains attractive throughout the growing season, adding interest to the garden even when the flowers have finished blooming.

    This astilbe variety is low-maintenance and easy to grow, making it a great choice for gardeners of all skill levels. It prefers partial shade and moist, well-drained soil, but can tolerate a range of soil conditions. Astilbe chinensis 'Heart and Soul' is also deer-resistant, making it a great option for gardens where deer are a problem.

    Overall, Astilbe chinensis 'Heart and Soul' is a beautiful and reliable plant that is sure to add a touch of elegance to any garden. Whether planted in borders, beds, or containers, it is a stunning choice that will provide years of enjoyment.

    Height 75cm
    Width 50cm
    Bloom Time July-September
    Zone 3