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CAMPANULA -  poscharskyana 'Muralis' / Muralis Bellflower

    CAMPANULA - poscharskyana 'Muralis' / Muralis Bellflower


    Campanula muralis is a delightful, low-growing perennial that produces charming bell-shaped flowers. It is also known as the wall bellflower or creeping bellflower due to its ability to spread and root in walls and rocks. This plant is native to Europe and Western Asia, and it has been widely cultivated for its ornamental value.

    Product Characteristics:
    • Height: 10-15cm (4-6in)
    • Spread: 30-45cm (12-18in)
    • Flower color: Pale purple-blue
    • Flowering period: Late spring to mid-summer
    • Foliage: Small, oval-shaped leaves
    • Sunlight requirements: Full sun to partial shade
    • Soil requirements: Well-draining soil, adaptable to various soil types
    • Hardiness Zone: 3

    Campanula muralis is perfect for use as a ground cover or in rock gardens, where it will spread and form a dense mat of foliage and flowers. It also works well in containers, hanging baskets, or as an edging plant.

    This plant is easy to care for, low-maintenance, and attractive to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. It is also drought-tolerant and can handle a range of soil conditions, making it a versatile choice for any garden.

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    Care Instructions:
    Campanula muralis prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. Water regularly, especially during dry periods, but do not overwater. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage prolonged blooming. Prune back after flowering to keep the plant tidy.

    Final Thoughts:
    Campanula muralis is a lovely and versatile plant that adds color and interest to any garden. Its ability to spread and thrive in various conditions makes it a reliable choice for those looking for a low-maintenance ground cover or container plant.