ERYNGIUM - planum 'Blue Cap' / Sea holly
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ERYNGIUM - planum 'Blue Cap' / Sea holly


    Eryngium planum Blue Cap is a stunning perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family. It is commonly known as Blue Cap or Flat Sea Holly. This particular variety of Eryngium planum is highly valued for its stunning blue flowers that appear in summer and fall.

    The plant produces deeply divided, rough, and spiny blue-green leaves that form a basal rosette. The stems of Blue Cap are stiff, upright, and leafless, and can grow up to 80cm tall. The true beauty of this plant is its striking flower heads that appear in clusters at the top of the stems. The flowers have a unique blue-violet hue and are surrounded by a spiky, silver-blue bract that gives the plant its characteristic holly-like appearance. The flowers are also highly attractive to bees and butterflies, making it a great addition to any pollinator-friendly garden.

    Eryngium planum Blue Cap is a tough and resilient plant that is well-suited to growing in hot and dry conditions, making it perfect for xeriscaping or adding interest to a rock garden. It prefers full sun and well-drained soil and is relatively low-maintenance once established. The plant is also deer-resistant, making it an excellent choice for gardeners who struggle with wildlife damage.

    Overall, Eryngium planum Blue Cap is an excellent choice for gardeners looking to add a unique and visually striking plant to their garden. Its blue-violet flowers and distinctive holly-like appearance make it a standout feature in any landscape, while its tough and resilient nature makes it easy to care for and a great choice for hot and dry conditions.


    Height 70cm
    Width 60cm
    Bloom Time June-Aug
    Zone 3