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Gaura - lindheimeri 'Rosy Jane' / Butterfly flower

    Gaura - lindheimeri 'Rosy Jane' / Butterfly flower


    Gaura lindheimeri Rosy Jane, also known as Whirling Butterflies Rosy Jane, is a herbaceous perennial that produces delicate white flowers tinged with pink. The foliage is variegated with green and cream, adding an additional layer of interest to this plant. This cultivar was first introduced in 2001 by David Tristram.

    Product Characteristics:
    • Height: 18-24 in (46-61 cm)
    • Spread: 12-18 in (30-46 cm)
    • Flower color: White with pink tint
    • Flowering period: Late spring to early fall
    • Foliage: Variegated green and cream
    • Sunlight requirements: Full sun to partial shade
    • Soil requirements: Well-draining soil, tolerant of a range of soil types and pH levels
    • Hardiness Zone: 5

    Gaura lindheimeri Rosy Jane is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of garden settings. It works well in cottage gardens, mixed borders, and rock gardens. It can also be used as a container plant or as a cut flower.

    Gaura lindheimeri Rosy Jane is a hardy plant that is drought tolerant once established. It is also resistant to deer and rabbits, making it a good choice for gardens in areas with these pests.

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    Care Instructions:
    Gaura lindheimeri Rosy Jane is a low-maintenance plant that requires little care once established. It prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. Water regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. In subsequent years, water only when soil is dry. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional blooms.

    Final Thoughts:
    Gaura lindheimeri Rosy Jane is a lovely addition to any garden, adding delicate flowers and variegated foliage to the landscape. Its hardiness and low-maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for gardeners of all skill levels.