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Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies - butterfly flower

    Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies - butterfly flower


    Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies, commonly known as Whirling Butterflies, is a stunning perennial plant with delicate white flowers that flutter on thin, wiry stems. It is a popular choice among gardeners for its unique, whimsical appearance and low maintenance needs. This plant is native to North America and is a member of the Onagraceae family.

    Product Characteristics:
    • Height: 60-90 cm (24-36 inches)
    • Spread: 30-45 cm (12-18 inches)
    • Flower color: White
    • Flowering period: Late spring to fall
    • Foliage: Lance-shaped, green leaves with red tinges
    • Sunlight requirements: Full sun to partial shade
    • Soil requirements: Well-draining soil with a pH range of 6.5-7.5
    • Hardiness Zone: 5

    Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of garden settings. It is perfect for borders, rock gardens, and cottage gardens. It can also be planted in containers for a patio or balcony garden.

    Whirling Butterflies is a hardy plant that is drought tolerant once established. It also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden, making it a great choice for pollinator gardens. The plant is deer resistant and has few pest or disease problems.

    Companion Plants:

    • Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus' - The bold and upright habit of purple coneflower contrasts beautifully with the airy, delicate stems of Gaura Whirling Butterflies.
    • Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' - The tall spikes of deep purple flowers of Salvia nemorosa 'Caradonna' add structure and depth to the garden while also complementing the airy flowers of Gaura Whirling Butterflies.
    • Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal' - The blue-grey foliage of Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal' provides a striking backdrop for the white blooms of Gaura Whirling Butterflies.

    Care Instructions:
    Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies prefers well-draining soil and full sun to partial shade. It is drought tolerant once established and does not require regular watering. Deadheading the spent flowers will promote additional blooms throughout the growing season. Pruning can be done in early spring to promote new growth and maintain the plant's shape.

    Final Thoughts:
    Gaura lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies is a stunning addition to any garden. Its delicate, fluttering flowers add a whimsical touch to any landscape design. It is easy to care for and offers many benefits to the garden, making it a must-have for any gardener looking to add a unique touch to their outdoor space.