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Hosta hybrid Francee / Plantain Lily

    Hosta hybrid Francee / Plantain Lily


    Hosta hybrid Francee is a beautiful and classic perennial plant that is highly valued for its attractive foliage and ease of care. This Hosta cultivar is a cross between Hosta fortunei and Hosta sieboldii, and features large, heart-shaped leaves with a bright green center and a wide, creamy white margin.

    The foliage of Hosta hybrid Francee is thick and sturdy, with a slightly glossy texture that adds to its visual appeal. The leaves form a neat, compact mound that grows to a height of around 18 inches and a spread of up to 3 feet, making it a great choice for planting as a border or in containers.

    In mid-summer, Hosta hybrid Francee produces tall scapes that rise above the foliage and bear clusters of pale lavender flowers. The flowers are a lovely accent to the foliage but are not the main attraction of this plant.

    Hosta hybrid Francee is a low-maintenance plant that is easy to grow and care for. It prefers partial shade but can tolerate full sun if the soil is consistently moist. It also thrives in moist, well-drained soil, but can tolerate some dryness once established. This plant is also tolerant of a wide range of soil types and pH levels.

    Overall, Hosta hybrid Francee is an excellent choice for any garden, providing a stunning display of bright green leaves with a wide, creamy white margin. Its classic beauty and ease of cultivation make it a popular choice for both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

    Height 60cm
    Width 120cm
    Bloom Time July-August
    Zone 3