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Hosta hybrid June Spirit / Plantain Lily

    Hosta hybrid June Spirit / Plantain Lily


    Hosta hybrid June Spirit is a stunning perennial plant that features bright yellow-green leaves with blue-green margins. The leaves are large and heart-shaped, with prominent veins that add texture to the plant. As the plant matures, the center of the leaves will turn more green, while the margins will turn more blue.

    June Spirit typically grows to be around 1-2 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide, making it a great option for filling in garden beds or bordering walkways. In midsummer, the plant produces tall spikes of lavender flowers that rise above the foliage, adding additional interest to the plant.

    June Spirit is an easy-to-grow plant that thrives in partial to full shade and prefers moist, well-drained soil. It is a low-maintenance plant that requires little attention beyond regular watering and occasional fertilization.

    Overall, Hosta hybrid June Spirit is a beautiful and versatile plant that is sure to add a pop of color and interest to any garden.

    Height 35cm
    Width 60cm
    Bloom Time July-September
    Zone 3