Leucanthemum Superbum Sweet Daisy Christine - Shasta daisy

    Leucanthemum Superbum Sweet Daisy Christine - Shasta daisy


    Leucanthemum superbum 'Sweet Daisy Christine' is a stunning and vibrant perennial that is known for its deep pink daisy-like flowers with yellow centers and glossy green foliage. This variety of Shasta Daisy blooms prolifically from late spring to early summer, adding beauty and cheer to any garden space. 

    Plant Characteristics

    • Height: 60-90cm
    • Spread: 45-60 cm
    • Flower color: Deep pink ray petals with yellow centres
    • Flowering period: Late spring to early summer
    • Foliage : Glossy green leaves
    • Sunlight requirements : Full sun or partial shade
    • Soil requirements : Well-draining , fertile soil
    • Hardiness : Zones 4 - 1


    Leucanthecium superbum 'Sweet Daisy Christine' is an excellent choice for adding brightness and texture to any garden space . Here are some ideas on how you can use this plant in your garden :

    • Borders & edging : The bushy growth habit of this variety of Shasta Daisy makes it ideal for creating borders and edging in your landscape.

    • Mass planting & ground covers : Planting in large groups or drifts can create an eye catching swath of deep pink blooms that will bring joy to your garden all season long. When planted together with other tall varieties , it also works perfectly as a ground cover.

    • Garden containers : The compact size of ' Sweet Daisy Christine' makes it perfect for container gardens and can add beauty to balconies, patios or porches.

    • Cutting gardens : This plant is an excellent choice for cutting gardens due to its cheerful blooms which make beautiful bouquets when cut fresh from the garden. 

    Companion Plants

    Here are three companion plants that look good with Leucanthemum superbum ' Sweet Daisy Christine':

    1. Rudbeckia ( Rudbeckia fulgida ) : Rudbeckia has golden yellow petals surrounding black disk florets which bloom from midsummer until late fall . It prefers similar growing conditions as shasta daisies making it an ideal companion. The contrasting colors between rudbeckia's bold golden hues and Sweet Daisy Christine’s deep pink blooms give great visual interest in your garden !

    2. Veronica ( Veronica spicata ) : Veronica has upright stems carrying spikes of bright lavender flowers which bloom profusely from mid spring onto midsummer. Similar in its soil needs to shasta daisies , veronica complements the rosy hues of  Sweet Daisy Christine  nicely while providing a nice vertical presence in the bed or border.

    3. Butterflyweed ( Asclepias tuberosa ) : Butterflyweed has vibrant orange clusters of flowers which bloom heavily during late spring into midsummer . It requires similar growing conditions as shasta daisies , making it another great companion plant . When planted alongside shasta daisies , the warm orange hues bring out the magenta shades of 'Sweet Daisy Christine’s blooms beautifully! 

    In summary , Leucanthecium superbum 'Sweet Daisy Christine' is an excellent choice for bringing brightness and a boost of cheery color into any garden space throughout late spring until early summer . When planted along complementary companion plants such as Rudbeckia, Veronica, and Butterflyweed, it will truly shine!