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Matteuccia struthiopteris Ostrich Fern

    Matteuccia struthiopteris Ostrich Fern


    The Matteuccia struthiopteris, commonly known as the Ostrich Fern, is a large, showy fern that is native to North America. It features tall, erect fronds that can reach up to 5 feet in height, with delicate, feather-like foliage that is a bright green color.

    Product Characteristics:
    • Height: 120-150 cm (48-60 in)
    • Spread: 90-120 cm (36-48 in)
    • Flower color: N/A
    • Flowering period: N/A
    • Foliage: Bright green, feather-like
    • Sunlight requirements: Partial to full shade
    • Soil requirements: Moist, well-drained soil
    • Hardiness Zone: 2

    The Ostrich Fern is an excellent choice for adding texture and movement to shaded gardens, woodland gardens, or along streams and ponds. It also works well in large containers.

    The Ostrich Fern is a hardy, low-maintenance plant that is resistant to pests and diseases. It can tolerate wet conditions, making it a great choice for areas with poor drainage.

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    Care Instructions:
    The Ostrich Fern thrives in moist, well-drained soil in partial to full shade. Keep the soil consistently moist and avoid letting it dry out. Mulching around the base of the plant can help retain moisture. Fertilize once in the spring with a balanced fertilizer.

    Final Thoughts:
    The Ostrich Fern has been used for centuries for food and medicine by various indigenous cultures in North America. Today, it is a popular ornamental plant that adds a unique texture and movement to shady landscapes. With its hardiness and low maintenance requirements, the Ostrich Fern is a great addition to any garden.